Horse care and hygiene

The horse requires daily grooming – cleaning, brushing, combing out. In addition to regular cleaning, the whole horse should be bathed once in a while. It is important to use shampoos designed specifically for horses, e.g. Dr Seidel brand. Dr Seidel shampoos have excellent cleansing and care properties and are recommended for the treatment of skin problems and for the prevention of skin disorders. They have a pH corresponding to the skin of animals. They have no irritants or dyes. They are free of fragrant oils that could prove unpleasant for the mount. During cleaning, you can check your horse for injuries, minor wounds or skin problems. It’s also a great opportunity to build a wonderful bond with your animal and get to know each other. With the right horse care products, it’s a pleasure in itself.

Detangling spray

Protection against insects for horses

Equipment care for horses