Cookies policy

  1. This Cookie Policy was established based on a legal requirement resulting from the amendment of the Telecommunications Law of 16 July 2004.
  2. Terms used in this Cookie Policy are defined as follows:
    • Administrator – the Service owner is Laboratorium DermaPharm Sp. z o.o. based at ul. Człuchowska 12a, 01-100 Warsaw, entered into the National Court Register kept by XII Commercial Division of the District Court in Warsaw under KRS no. 0000130068, with NIP no. 527-020-30-00, REGON no. 010197176 and with a share capital of PLN 490,000.
    • User – any person (internet user), who visits the website (and any of its sub-sites), on which the Service is available.
    • Cookie Policy – the present document.
    • Service – the internet service available at and
    • Cookies – computer data, in particular text files, that are stored in the Service User’s terminal and used for browsing websites of the Service. Usually, cookies contain the name of the website they come from, time of their storage in the terminal and their unique number.
  3. The Administrator informs that the Service collects only information contained in cookies, and no other User’s data. The Administrator specifically states that the Service does not use so called tracking cookies, i.e. files that enable spying on Users.
  4. The Service Administrator informs that cookies are used to the following purposes:
    • To tailor the Service content to the User’s preferences and to optimize the use of websites. In particular, these files help identify the User’s terminal and properly display the website tailored to his individual needs.
    • To maintain the User’s session (if he is logged in), which means that the User does not need to log in to each sub-site of the Service again.
    • To produce statistics for analysis of how Users utilize websites.
  5. The Administrator informs that the Service uses two types of cookies:
    • Session cookies, i.e. temporary files stored in the User’s terminal until he logs off, leaves the website or closes his internet browser.
    • Persistent cookies, i.e. files stored in the User’s terminal for the period defined in the cookies parameters or until their deletion by the User.
  6. The Administrator informs that the Service uses the following types of cookies:
    • Cookies that enable the use of services available within the Service, e.g. authentication cookies used for services that require authentication within the Service.
    • Cookies for security purposes, e.g. used to detect fraudulent use of authentication within the Service.
    • Cookies that enable the collection of information on how the Service websites are used.
    • Cookies that enable the Service to remember the User’s settings and personalize the User’s interface, e.g. selected language or region the User comes from.
    • Cookies that enable the Service to provide Users with more personalized advertising content (advertising cookies).
  7. You must realize that very often the software used for browsing websites (internet browser) allows to store cookies in the User’s terminal by default. Users can change cookies settings at any time. For example, these settings can be changed so as to block automatic cookies support in the browser’s settings or to inform each time they are saved in the User’s terminal.
  8. Detailed information on whether and how cookies are supported can be found in the settings of your internet browser.
  9. The Administrator states that any restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some functionalities available on the Service websites.
  10. Cookies stored in the User’s terminal may be used by advertisers associated with and business partners of the Administrator.