About dr Seidel brand

dr Seidel

We offer effective solutions based on scientific and veterinary knowledge to give pet caregivers safe products and veterinarians effective support for their therapy.

Our products are developed based on scientific knowledge in the fields of animal care, behaviorism and nutrition. We develop our formulas in cooperation with veterinarians so that their compositions are optimally selected in terms of active ingredients and effectiveness. We only use ingredients from proven sources. Each product, before it is released for sale, is additionally tested for usability – consistency, package size and palatability. As a result, dr Seidel’s products have been valued by veterinarians and pet caregivers for years.

We are guided in our work by VALUES:

  • HONESTY – we honor our business commitments, and our products have open and proven formulas
  • EFFECTIVENESS – our products are developed by experts and tested by veterinarians and pet guardians
  • KNOWLEDGE – we draw it from the world of science, add our experience and share the knowledge we have gained
  • ANIMAL WELFARE – everything we do, we do for the benefit of animals -> we help caregivers in the daily care of their welfare, we support therapies recommended by veterinarians

dr Seidel – a wide range of solutions for dogs and cats

The dr Seidel brand offers solutions in various areas, and dog and cat guardians can choose from nearly 120 products.

Specialized shampoos with excellent cleaning and care properties, preparations for hygiene: teeth, eyes, ears.

Supplements for pet nutrition: milk replacers, dietary supplements: tablets, powders, pastes, oils.

Products that will make teaching correct behavior and unlearning bad habits easier and more effective.

Products that have a calming, soothing effect, promoting rapid adaptation to new challenges.

Preparations to protect dogs from external parasites: collars, sprays, emulsions.

Healthy snacks tailored to your pet’s needs.

Do you want to buy dr Seidel brand products? Dog and cat guardians are welcome to visit veterinary clinics and pet stores.