Cat care and hygiene

We treat dogs and cats like members of the family – we take care of them, share home space and pamper them by letting them lounge on chairs or beds. Communing with a clean, well-groomed animal is a great pleasure for the guardian, and taking care of its hygiene becomes even more important if it has frequent contact with the youngest members of the household. How to maintain proper hygiene of dogs and cats? By bathing them regularly. Dr Seidel shampoos are preparations with excellent cleansing and care properties recommended for use during the treatment of skin problems and for the prevention of skin disorders. A properly selected preparation will help combat skin problems, extremely unpleasant for the dog and burdensome for the dog’s owner, such as inflammation, seborrheic inflammation, dry and greasy dandruff, pruritus, epidermis desquamation, irritation and allergies. Dr Seidel’s grooming products will help maintain cleanliness and combat problems faced by pets such as bad breath, skin irritation caused by eye discharge, itchy ears or cracked paw pads.

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