Flawitol Omega Super Taste

Flawitol Omega Super Smak is an all-natural nutritious supplement rich obtained from fish muscles. After adding to pet food it improves its taste and attractiveness for pets. In addition, it is a perfect source of EFA n-3 and vitamins A, D3 and E.

  • strengthens immunity of the body by supporting blood circulation and the nervous system
  • soothes inflammation and rheumatism-related symptoms
  • recommended for dogs and cats of any age
  • also during pregnancy and nursing
Add to pet food:
10 ml/10 kg/ day (1 teaspoon is 5 ml).
It can be also administered continuously.
Fish oils from salmon and trout.
-EFA n-3 – 32.4 %
-EFA n-6 – 2.8 %
-EPA – 17.8%
-DHA – 14.6% Energy: 3,560 kJ/850 kcal per 100 g.

250 ml

The preparation can be administered continuously. Product for animals only.

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