Flawitol Deo with chlorophyll and Yucca Schidigera

The tablets regulate the digestive process. Protein and fat digestion in animals generates several substances which cause a bad smell – short-chain ketones, aldehydes, indoles and many others. Those substances could have adverse effect on the pet, including carcinogenic effects. For that reason, it is crucial to have the pet’s diet rich in substances which regulate the digestive process and prevent harmful products of metabolism. Flawitol Deo features three substances – chlorophyll, Yucca tree fibre and Saccharomyces yeast. They combine to regulate the digestive process and minimise bad smells in animals. Active flavonoid content improves immunity to many diseases (including cancer) and delays aging.

The complex greatly reduces bad breath and bad small of skin and faeces in cats and dogs. It also reduces the female smell during the heat cycle. It is recommended for dogs and cats of any age.

Chlorophyll is a natural green colorant present in plants. Thanks to its deodorant and absorbent properties, it can combine with products of protein metabolism to neutralise bad smells in animals: bad breath, skin odour and the smell of faeces. It also neutralises the female smell during the heat cycle.
Yucca Schidigera fibre reduces the amount of ammonia generated leading to less bad odour in animal faeces.
Saccharomyces active yeast together with the Yucca fibre support the digestive process, help maintain stable pH in the digestive system, regulate the bowel movement which further enhances the activity of Yucca and chlorophyll. In addition, Saccharomyces yeast is a valuable source of B-line vitamins which regulate the metabolism.

brewing yeasts, yucca 10.8%, dicalcium phosphate, starch
Additives (in 650 mg tablet): chlorophyll 3.1%; magnesium 1.6 mg; vitamins: A 22.4 IU, E 15,2 mg; technological additives.
Analytical constituents (as calculated): protein 22.5%; fat 2%; fibre 9.7%; ash 8.7%; calcium 2.4%; phosphorus 3.2%, sodium 0%

60 tablets

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