Dr Seidel adaptation vaporizer refill for dogs

Dr Seidel Adaptation vaporizer is a state-of-the-art, multi-ingredient behavioral aid preparation that has a calming effect on dogs. It contains a composition of natural substances. Their action resembles the action of dog pheromones. The use of the product significantly enhances behavioral therapy. It helps a dog feel more secure and quickly adapt to new environment, fosters learning. Suitable for dogs and puppies of all ages.

Help prevent behavioral problems caused by stress and anxiety in adult dogs (handling of physiological needs at home, destroying objects, excessive vocalization and licking). Help control and limit stress in challenging situations in dogs of all ages (separation of a puppy from its mother and its socialization in a new environment, change of environment, kennel stay, new family member, separation anxiety, thunderstorms, fireworks explosions, etc.).
Upon plugging in the vaporizer heats up releasing calming preparation. One vaporizer covers the area of 50 – 70 m2.
The adaptation vaporizer is effective for 30 days. For best result keep the device in electric socket all the time (until it expires). Effects are seen within the first 24 hours of use.
Remove the cap of the liquid container. Attach the plug-in device (vaporizer) to the container by twisting motion, plug into an electric socket. Use in the room where the dog commonly stays.
Paraffin oil 70 %, maximum 30% of a composition of fatty acids and their esters are of natural origin, containing among other ingredients, oleic acid (62%-86% in pure mixture), trimethylamine, Valerian extract 0,05%. The composition corresponds to the mixture which has been known since 1996, disclosed in European Patent EP0724832.

Product for animals only. Store in a dry place at room temperature.

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