Dr Seidel snacks for travel comfort

Dr Seidel snacks for comfort travel are full-value dog snacks containing ginger and tryptophan, increasing the comfort of travel for the dog and its owner. Ginger alleviates nausea and prevents vomiting. Tryptophan – a precursor of serotonin (the ‘happiness hormone’) reduces muscle tension and susceptibility to stress.

Snacks recommended before and during the journey to reduce the risk of discomfort and calm the animal.
small dogs <5 kg

  • 1-2 pcs/day
medium dogs <10 kg

  • 3-4 pcs/day
big dogs >10 kg

  • 5-8 pcs/day
Amount in mg/1 treat:

  • ginger – 13,7 mg
  • tryptophan – 13,7 mg
Maize flour, wheat flour, yeast, animal fats, malt bran, dried beef, ginger, tryptophan.
Handy, stand-upable, packaging with a zipper closure.
When giving Dr. Seidel’s vitality-enhancing treats to your dog, there is no need for additional supplementation with lecithin and Omega 3.

Product for animals only. Store in a dry place at room temperature.

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