How do you choose a shampoo for your dog?

How do you choose a shampoo for your dog?

Maintaining a pet’s healthy skin and beautiful coat is very important for the dog and its owner, who often treats the pet as a member of the family. Bathing is not only a grooming procedure but also a hygienic one. Apart from dirt, it removes unwanted micro-organisms from the skin, which can cause many skin problems. As a preventative measure, a dog should be bathed at least 2-3 times a year. Cats need bathing if there are skin problems, health problems or insufficient hygiene.
Nowadays, we have wide access to grooming salons offering a variety of services related to pet grooming. Every pet guardian is therefore able to choose whether they decide to carry out their pet’s grooming themselves at home or whether they wish to entrust their pet to the hands of a professional. Whatever you decide, it is helpful to know how a proper grooming procedure should be carried out and what to look for when choosing grooming products.

What to look for when choosing a shampoo for your dog?

  • Only cosmetics specifically designed for this purpose should be used when bathing animals. “Human” cosmetics are not recommended as they are not adapted to the needs of the animal’s skin and coat.
  • It is important to pay attention to the safety and quality of the product in order to ensure that you do not harm your pet. It is best to choose products that have been known and appreciated for years
  • Avoid shampoos that contain dyes, which can cause irritation and allergies
  • Pay attention to the smell of the shampoos. Studies show that unscented products are best tolerated by animals. Aromas that are attractive to humans (e.g. citrus or fruity) often have a deterrent or irritating effect on our pets. This is why bathing cosmetics should be fragrance-free, such as dr Seidel shampoos.
  • Puppies should be bathed with gentle shampoos specifically designed for puppies, which contain milder detergents and more fat-reducing substances than preparations designed for adult animals

dr Seidel shampoos

We particularly recommend dr Seidel’s series of shampoos. These are specialist care products recommended for the prevention of skin disorders, for use during therapy of skin problems and for standard care of healthy skin. Dr Seidel shampoos have a suitable pH adjusted to the needs of animal skin. The preparations thoroughly clean and at the same time care for the skin and coat. They contain re-fatting substances, thus restoring the skin’s protective barrier. This is why they are considered so safe for animals. They contain no colour or fragrance additives. They are highly concentrated – and therefore economical to use. They have enjoyed a good reputation for years and are recommended by veterinarians.

dr Seidel’s shampoo range includes.

  • Iodophor shampoo – is suitable for use in the treatment of skin inflammation and pruritus caused by fungal and bacterial infections, inhibits excessive greasing of the skin, eliminates unpleasant odours and soothes irritation caused by flea bites
  • Selenium shampoo – will prove useful as a care product for the treatment of dry seborrhoea (dandruff), pruritus, excessive flaking or redness
  • Shampoo with tar and biosulphur – suitable for the treatment of pruritus and greasy seborrhoea
  • Hypoallergenic shampoo – is designed to meet the needs of dogs with particularly sensitive skin, prone to allergies and irritations. It can be used in intolerance to other shampoos, and in breeds predisposed to allergies. Its formulation is based on ingredients with low allergenic potential. This shampoo is designed to clean the skin and coat with maximum safety for the user.
  • Cat shampoo – contains mild cleansing agents adapted to the delicate skin and coat of cats. Causes the cat’s hair to become soft and regain its shine. It makes combing easier and prevents hair from becoming static. The shampoo contains catnip in its composition, the scent of which is extremely attractive to the cat, thus increasing bathing comfort for the cat.

Remember – if in doubt about which shampoo to choose, consult your vet about this choice.

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22 May 2017