Repelex Garden dog and cat repellent

Repelex Garden causes unpleasant smell repelling animals and making them avoid areas protected with Repelex Ogród. Thanks to dedicated production technology, the granulated structure releases active substances slowly for a long-lasting effect.

Repelex Garden is a granulated product for protection of gardens, grass, plants, etc. against damage and ‘marks’ left by dogs and cats.
The granulated form makes it easy to scatter across the entire area to be protected (e.g. the area of lawns, near a tree, plant, flowers, along a fence). 100 g is enough to protect 5 sqm. of area for about 2-4 weeks. Repelex Garden is bio-degradable which means that its activity depends on current weather and can be reduced due to prolonged rain.
granules 250g, 1kg

Product for animals only. Store in a dry place at room temperature.

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