Flawitol for puppies

This complex is adjusted to the special and intensified needs of growing dogs. Thanks to flavonoid content, young dogs are protected against harmful free radicals. Regular application ensures correct growth of all body organs leading to longer life and better health at the adult stage. Active flavonoid content improves immunity to many diseases (including cancer) and delays aging.

The complex is for day-to-day use in puppies of the small and medium breeds, and for female dogs during pregnancy and the nursing cycle.

brewing yeasts, dicalcium phosphate, starch.
Additives (in 650 mg tablet): flavonoids 6.5 mg; magnesium 0.2 mg; vitamins: A 377 IU, D 41 IU, E 2 mg, B1 0.1 mg, B2 0.2 mg, B6 0.1 mg, B12 1.9 µg; folic acid 17 µg; pantothenic acid 0.8 mg; biotin 7.4 µg; zinc 3.6 mg; iron (chelate) 3.8 mg; copper (chelate) 0.5 mg, iodine 59 µg; selenium 11 µg; manganese 0.3 mg; technological additives.
Analytical constituents (as calculated): protein 18.7%; fat 1.8%; fibre 1.4%; ash 32.4%; calcium 8.7%; phosphorus 5.2%; sodium 0%.

120 tablets

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