Flawitol for healthy skin and shiny coat

Flawitol healthy skin and beautiful hair – ensures normal condition of the skin, owing to the content of zinc, biotin, panthotenic acid and vitamins A and E it enhances skin regeneration processes, prevents skin drying and shedding. An addition of flavonoids in the product increases the body resistance to many diseases (including tumours) and delays the ageing processes. It prevents drying and excessive shedding of the skin. It lends beauty and shine to the hair.

The product is intended for daily use in dogs prone to dry shedding skin and dry and matted hair. It is also recommended for dogs presented on exhibitions.
1 tab./8 kg daily
Brewing yeasts, dicalcium phosphate, starch.
Additives: grape skin extract (flavonoids) 16 mg; magnesium 5 mg; vitamins: A 600 IU, D3 40 IU, E 6 mg, B1 101 µg, B2 230 µg, B6 115 µg, B12 2,3 µg; folic acid 27 µg; pantothenic acid 918 µg; biotin 9 µg; zinc 6 mg; iron (chelate) 5 mg; copper (chelate) 333 µg, iodine 58 µg; selenium 11 µg; technological additives.
Analytical constituents (as calculated): protein 18.2%; fat 1.8%; fibre 1.4%; ash 33.7%; calcium 10.7%; phosphorus 7.4%; sodium 0%.
60 tablets, 200 tablets

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