Flawitol Artro for joints support

Flawitol Artro supplies the dog with adequate doses of active substances exerting a protective effect on the joints. Its composition was designed based on the results of most recent research on the effect of food components on the course of disease. It contains chondroitin, glucosamine and boswellia, stimulating the production of collagen and other components of cartilages, inhibiting the activity of the enzymes that cause articular cartilage degradation, protecting the joints against progression of the clinical manifestations of osteoarthritis. A regular administration of the preparation:

* Reduces pain symptoms

* Exerts anti-inflammatory effect

*Stimulates the production of collagen and other cartilage components

* Inhibits the activity of chondrolytic enzymes

* Protects against progression of the clinical manifestations of osteoarthritis

Flawitol artro helps to retain fitness in dogs (particularly older ones). It reduces such osteoarthritis manifestations as: reluctance to go outdoor, problems with walking up- and downstairs, lameness and acute pain symptoms. Owing to the unique combination of many active components, the preparation exerts not only symptomatic, but also causal effects – through the inhibition of articular cartilage degradation and stimulation of new cartilage production. An addition of flavonoids in the product increases the body resistance to many diseases (including tumours) and delays the ageing processes.

Flawitol artro is intended for daily use in all dogs suffering from articular diseases and also in senior dogs (aged over 7 years) and in puppies in the period of intense growth. Simultaneous administration of preparations containing OMEGA-3 acids enhances the therapeutic effect of the treatment.

1 tab./10 kg daily

Chondroitin and Glucosamine: substances preventing the development and progression of osteoarthritis.
Boswellia serrata extract: exerts anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects and reduces the intensity of osteoarthritis symptoms and signs.
Manganese: indispensable for normal bone and cartilage functions
Natural ginger (Zingiber officinale) extract: an analgesic used in natural medicine in all types of arthromyalgia.
Ascorbic acid: a potent antioxidant protecting against the effects of free radicals generated in inflammatory processes.
Grape flavonoids: characterised by extremely high biological activity, owing to which they exert a potent antioxidant effect (protection against free radicals), protect vitamins and other important food components against oxidation, enhance immunity and protect the animals against malignant processes and heart diseases

brewing yeasts, dicalcium phosphate, starch, glucosamine 208 mg, chondroitin 112 mg. Additives (in 1.6 g tablet): grape skin extract (flavonoids) 16 mg; magnesium 1.6 mg; vitamins: A 22 IU, E 15 µg; ginger extract 21 mg; manganese (chelate)5 mg; boswelia 80 mg; methionine 100 mg; ascorbic acid 10 mg; technological additives. Analytical constituents (as calculated): protein 23.3%; fat 3.5%; fibre 2.5%; ash 22%; calcium 4%; phosphorus 3.4%; sodium 0.32%.

60 tablets, 180 tablets

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