Dr Seidel snacks MALT – anti-hairball

The first cat snack on the market enriched with taurine and malt extract in quantities corresponding to diet supplements. Taurine (indispensable amino acid) is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system and eyes. Malt extract facilitates the transport of hair via the digestive tract and prevents hairballs (pilobezoars).

They are recommended for all cats during replacement of hair coat, especially for long-haired cats.

1 snack contains:

  • barley malt – 50 mg
  • taurine – 2 mg

wholemeal wheat flour, maize flour, barley malt, sorbitol, dried animal meat, dried aronia berries, hydrolysed animal meat

Product only for animals.

We recommend

prevents the formation of hairballs

MIX 2in1 for a fresh breath & malt for cats

MIX 2in1 for beautiful coat & malt for cats

healthy skin, beautiful coat