Dr Seidel snacks increased vitality

Increased vitality! A cat treat with dried Cannabis sativa flowers, a natural source of CBD known for its beneficial effects on the body. CBD increases the pet’s vitality, and improves its immunity, physical condition and overall wellbeing. It also reduces the body’s vulnerability to stressful situations.

Dr Seidel snacks are a perfect way to vary your cat’s daily diet with healthy between-meal treats. They are especially recommended in immunocompromised states and stressful situations.
Up to 10 snacks a day
1 snack contains:

  • Cannabidiol – 0,9 mg
Wholemeal wheat flour, maize flour, brewer’s yeast, animal fats, processed animal protein, dried cannabis flowers Cannabis sativa, hydrolyzed animal protein.

Product for animals only.

We recommend

preparation with catnip for cats

urinary tract support

prevents the formation of hairballs