Dr Seidel low calorie snacks for cats

Low calorie snack specially formulated for cats with weight problems or obesity. The treat contains linseed pomace, a source of dietary fibres which provides a feeling of satiety and stimulates the digestive tract. One snack have only 1 kcal.

Dr Seidel snacks are the perfect way to vary your cat’s daily diet with healthy between-meal treats. Especially recommended for obese cats with a tendency to be overweight and senior cats.
Up to 10 snacks a day.
1 snack contains:

  • linseed pomace – 222,5 mg
Linseed pomace, maize flour, processed animal protein, hydrolyzed animal protein.

Product for animals only.

We recommend

hypoallergenic for cats

prevents the formation of hairballs

preparation with catnip for cats