Dog starter kit

Dog starter kit

Soon you will have a new, tail-wagging household member at your doorstep. Are you prepared for its arrival? Find out which articles should be included in a puppy starter kit.

Dog’s canteen

A dog needs two bowls: for food and for water. Its size depends on how large the portion is for a one-time meal for your dog. Most puppies will only need a 0.3 to 0.7-litre bowl. The dog will grow, of course, and after a while, you can replace the bowl with a bowl that suits the needs of an adult pet. You also need to pay attention to the shape of the bowls. It should be adapted to the shape of the muzzle. It is not worth buying bowls that are too light and easy to move as your dog can easily turn them over. Quite a heavy bowl with an anti-slip gasket will do its job perfectly. Metal and ceramic bowls, which are also easy to clean, work well.

Dog’s bedroom

Your dog should have its own corner at home where it can lie down and rest. That is where its bedding should be placed. It should be big enough for the pet to be able to stretch out comfortably. At the same time, you should keep in mind that the puppy is growing fast. When buying a dog bed, be sure to buy the size suitable for your pet when it reaches adulthood. A good choice is a bed with quite large edges which will protect the dog but at the same time will allow it to observe the surroundings. The edges should be soft. The dog’s bedding must be easy to clean (beds with a detachable cover are very practical). Do not buy wicker beds as your puppy may bite off a piece of wickerwork and choke on it.

Treats and vitamins

If you try to answer the question “how to raise a puppy”, the most important rule is to adopt the right learning system based on rewarding desired behaviour rather than stressful punishment of the pet. Tasty dog treats help build a bond between the pet and the caregiver and are a great reward during learning and training. Choose treats that are both delicious and healthy, such as dr Seidel treats for a healthy puppy. They are rich in prebiotics, which allow to maintain a proper intestinal microbiota and increase immunity, as well as Omega-3 acids, necessary for the proper development of sight and nervous system.

Vitamins for dogs are a separate group of products. It is worth buying a product designed for puppies, with the composition perfectly adjusted to a fast-growing, developing organism. Dr Seidel Flawitol for puppies contains flavonoids – natural antioxidants that inhibit the development of free radicals and support immunity. The preparation also contains a complex of vitamins and minerals: magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, iodine, selenium and manganese.

Toys and chew toys

A little dog has to have fun. It develops its cognitive abilities and instincts. While playing together, you also build your relationship with your dog. You do not have to buy a lot of toys. You need just a few, properly selected ones that will interest and occupy your puppy. Balls to chase and roll and all kinds of rubber toys to chew as well as thick cotton cords, teeth cleaning rubber spheres or spheres with treats that are developing intelligence are all perfect. Do not buy toys that require dragging as they may affect the process of bite formation.

Walking accessories

A collar will only come in handy when your puppy has finished its post-vaccination quarantine. During the quarantine, the dog cannot go outside. The collar must be soft, flexible, easy to fasten and have an adjustable length. At home, a dog should not wear collars as it can damage hair in the neck area. For puppies and dogs of small breeds, buy walking suspenders to fasten a leash on the back. When it comes to the leash itself, it should not be too long until your puppy learns to walk by your leg. A leash with a length of 1–2 m is ideal. An older dog can use an automatic leash. Do not forget about the dog tag with the address. The dog should be microchipped, but in the case the dog goes missing, it may be not possible for everyone to take it to the vet and the vet may not be able to scan the code. Dog litter bags with a hygienic cleaning gripper are also useful for walks.

Puppy’s bath

The puppy should be bathed for the first time when it is about 3–4 months old. Choose a gentle shampoo for your dog because the coat and skin of young pets are delicate. It is easy to damage the natural lipid coat of the skin using cleaning agents. The best one will be a cosmetic designed for this age group – a puppy shampoo. Dr Seidel shampoo for puppies contains soothing allantoin, nourishing castor oil and a complex of coat lubricants. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, gives a shiny coat and makes combing easier. If you are asking yourself how often to bathe your dog, it all depends on its level of activity. Dogs spending a lot of time in the garden need much more frequent baths than “couch-loving” breeds.

Helping your puppy adapt to its new home

A puppy needs time to adapt to its new home and learn the rules of the house. Both rewarding treats and products that gently discourage unwanted behaviour, such as biting on a variety of objects, will facilitate the learning process. Dr Seidel Biter, the liquid discouraging pets from biting objects, contains substances with a taste that is bitter and unpleasant for pets. Spray it on your shoes, electrical cables, furniture and other items you want to protect. If your biggest problem is how to teach your dog cleanliness, Dr Seidel Trenex fluid will help. It is simple: spray it on a hygienic primer and the smell will encourage your puppy to relieve itself on a sprayed area. The spray also works outdoors: e.g. you can spray it on the garden space that is supposed to be the dog’s “outhouse”.

The first few days in a new home can be difficult for your puppy. If you do not know how to calm your dog down and reduce its stress, turn on Dr Seidel electric adaptation evaporator. It contains natural substances which have a similar effect on the pet as dog pheromones. The product will help to calm your puppy down when it is stressed about being separated from its mother and moved to a new place. It will also help to calm your dog down on New Year’s Eve, when you bring another pet home, when the baby is born and in any other stressful situations.

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