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Effective protection against ticks

Effective protection against fleas

Uniform release
of 3 active ingredients

Effectiveness confirmed by tests

Waterproof collars

Long-lasting effect of the collar

Biocidal product

Large selection of colours and collar designs

Protect your pet from ticks and fleas!

Dangers such as ticks and fleas lurk in the outdoors all year round.

ENEMY #1 – Ticks can transmit dangerous diseases, such as babesiosis and Lyme disease.
ENEMY #2 – Fleas make life difficult and can cause flea allergy dermatitis in pets.

The products against ticks and fleas have been proven to be effective.

You can choose from the following:

  • Sabunol Plus collars for dogs, protecting against ticks and fleas – effective for 5 months,
  • Sabunol collars for dogs, protecting against ticks and fleas – effective for 3 months,
  • Sabunol collars for cats, protecting against fleas – effective for 4 months,
  • Ixoder spray, which repels ticks and mosquitoes,
  • Sabunol spray preparation protecting against ticks and fleas,
  • Sabunol washing lotion,
  • Sabunol liquid to fight ticks and fleas around animals.

Increased infestations of ticks and fleas have been reported both by sanitary
and epidemiological stations and the media for several seasons.

Step by step, we will help you gain the knowledge to protect your pet against ticks and fleas. You will be supported by the Sabunol brand, a fearless fighter that has protected millions of dogs over the last 18 years.

ENEMY #1 – Ticks

parasite of the genus Arachnids

bites into the skin, usually painlessly

can live without food
for up to 810 days

attacks in forests, municipal parks,
lawns, backyards

is active all year round
(even during mild winters)

transmits parasitic diseases
dangerous to animals and humans

in Poland, there are about 20 tick species

awaits the host
at a maximum height of 1.5 m

Tick-borne diseases – dangerous for your pet and your family

Babesiosis (pyroplasmosis)

  • A serious tick-borne parasitic disease in dogs caused by Babesia canis and Babesia gibsoni
  • Diagnosed too late, it may lead to the death of the animal
  • If, having removed a tick from your pet's skin, you notice that it has no appetite, drinks less, vomits, has diarrhoea, fever and blood in urine – take it to the vet immediately!
  • The disease is very rare in cats

Lyme disease

  • A hard-to-diagnose infectious disease affecting humans and animals, transmitted by ticks and caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria
  • The first symptom (but not always present) is erythema at the bite site, difficult to detect in pets due to their dense hair
  • Further symptoms – apathy, fever, lack of appetite, limping or even neurological problems – appear after 2-5 months, making diagnosis difficult
Other tick-borne diseases are ehrlichiosis and mycoplasmosis.

Prevent tick bites
using Sabunol products!

How to safely remove a tick from my pet?

USE a tick remover
of appropriate size

Make sure the tick has been
removed completely.

Disinfect the bite site
with a disinfectant.

Slide the tick remover so that the tick is between its teeth. Lift the tool slightly and turn the handle.
After turning, lift the remover with the tick up.
Do not use fat!
Do not apply alcohol to the tick!
Do not pull the tick out with your fingers!
There is no guarantee that removing the tick soon after the bite will prevent contracting the disease.
Observe your pet's behaviour over the following hours and days.
Go to your veterinarian if you see any disturbing symptoms.

Ticks like moist forests, especially mixed and deciduous ones, but they are also often found in parks and gardens and on urban lawns. They usually pierce the skin painlessly so this is difficult to notice. It is active all year round in our climate and we can meet it even during mild winters. Ticks can transmit dangerous diseases to pets and humans. Remember to protect your pet all year round.

ENEMY #2 – Fleas

a wingless insect that feeds on blood

parasitic on mammals

lays up to 50 eggs per day directly on the skin of the host

spends most of its time in its environment,
e.g. a sofa or bedding

active all year round

pransmits such diseases as taeniasis
or may cause
flea allergy dermatitis (FAD)

is annoying and difficult to eradicate
(reproduces very quickly)

its body length ranges from 1 mm to 6 mm

Flea infestation-related diseases – dangerous for your pet and your family

FAD, or Flea Allergy Dermatitis

  • Common and unpleasant skin disease in dogs, caused by numerous flea bites, manifested by allergy to flea saliva (it can be diagnosed by a vet)

Prevent fleas bites using Sabunol products! The largest selection on the market.


  • A disease that can be caused by a dog or cat ingesting an infected flea while licking its fur; the flea acts here as an intermediate host
  • In the intestine of the animal, the tapeworm transforms into its adult form, parasitising and adversely affecting the animal body
  • It is estimated that, in Poland, tapeworm infection occurs in 10-50% of dogs and 50-70% of cats
  • the infection is also dangerous for humans

Fleas are parasites that feed on blood. They often make the lives of both pets and their owners difficult. They live on the pet and in its surroundings: on the sofa, in the carpet, or in the crevices of floors. Sabunol tick and flea collar and Sabunol product for tick and flea control in pets’ surroundings are the perfect combination to fight enemy #2. Also, remember to keep the rooms clean and tidy: frequently vacuum and wash the pens and beds. Use the liquid until you have removed all forms of ticks and fleas.

Choose the right product for your pet

Features of Sabunol products:

  • Anti-tick and anti-flea products
  • Officially registered as biocidal products – they received a certificate issued by the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocides
  • Their effectiveness has been confirmed by specialised tests
  • Available in different forms (collars of different lengths and colours, sprays, and emulsions) so you can easily match the product to your pet’s needs
  • Sabunol (effective for 3 months) and Sabunol Plus (effective for 5 months) have 3 active substances: permethrin, imidacloprid, and geraniol:

Sabunol Plus are the first
3-component biocidal collars
on the market. Triple protection you trust.

Remove the collar from the sealed packaging, adjust to the circumference of your dog’s neck, and put it on. The collar is waterproof. It should remain on your pet’s neck at all times. The light tarnish on the collar is a natural effect of the manufacturing process. It will gradually disappear during use.

How to properly put a collar on a dog or cat?

1. Adjust the collar to your pet's neck circumference.
2. Then, place two fingers between the neck and the collar strap. Your fingers should fit without difficulty, but at the same time they should be snug with the collar.
3. If the strap is too long, it should be trimmed. Fasten the collar around the animal’s neck and wash your hands thoroughly.
Special perforations (notches) on Sabunol cat collars ensure safety for the animals – they allow the collar to stretch or break in case of a strong jerk.

You can find Sabunol in good pet stores, online stores
and in veterinary clinics all over Poland.