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Dr Seidel shampoo
for puppies
Dr Seidel iodophor
Dr Seidel iodophor
shampoo with conditioner
Dr Seidel dog Shampoo
with Chlorhexidine
Dr Seidel shampoo
with chlorhexidine and ketoconazole
Dr Seidel oat
and Aloe Vera extracts shampoo

Dr Seidel selenium
Dr Seidel tar
and bio-sulphur shampoo
Dr Seidel
hypoallergenic shampoo
Protein shampoo
for cats
Dr Seidel protein
shampoo for ferrets
Dr Seidel protein
shampoo for guinea pigs

with chlorhexidine
Dr Seidel’s
Dr Seidel shampoo with iodophors for horses
Dr Seidel shampoo with tea tree oil for horses