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Our offer now includes 3 NEW products EMOTICONS | image001.jpgEMOTICONS | image002_mini.jpg

dr Seidel snacks for dogs:

- for a healthy liver
- low-calorie
- for increased vitality (with CBD)


They have been prepared with the health of dogs in mind EMOTICONS | image003_mini.jpgEMOTICONS | image004_mini.jpgEMOTICONS | image003_mini.jpg
Dr Seidel treats have a variety of beneficial ingredients and are the perfect snack between meals. They are also perfect as a reward during training.

EMOTICONS | image008_mini.jpg dr Seidel snacks for a healthy liver – recommended for dogs recovering from liver diseases, with a high content of milk thistle.
EMOTICONS | image008_mini.jpg dr Seidel low-calorie snacks - dedicated to obese dogs, prone to overweight and seniors, enriched with lecithin and Omega-3.
EMOTICONS | image008_mini.jpg dr Seidel snacks for increased vitality (with CBD) - especially recommended in reduced immunity and stress situations, containing dried flowers of Cannabis sativa – a natural source of CBD.

You can buy dr Seidel snacks for dogs in reputable pet shops and veterinary clinics throughout Poland EMOTICONS | image009_mini.jpg
For more information about our products, please visit our website: