HMB nutritional formula for dogs and cats

Improving the condition and increasing muscle mass of active, working and show dogs.

HMB is a natural substance found in small amounts in the body of animals and humans, which prevents the breakdown of muscle protein. Thanks to this, it increases efficiency, accelerates muscle regeneration after intense training and physical effort, and also increases muscle mass.

Accelerating recovery. HMB is a scientifically developed nutritional supplement for dogs and cats suffering from muscular diseases with impaired mobility.

  • Speeding up convalescence
    HMB is a scientifically developed nutritious supplement for dogs and cats suffering from muscle diseases and deprived ability for locomotion. Myopathies. These are diseases called primary muscle diseases, undergoing within the muscle itself – in myofibers, vessels, conjunctive tissue, leading to muscular weakness and atrophy. They can be congenitally degenerative myopathies, as well as endogenous acquired myopathies. The aethiology of a series of them is unknown, however, the picture displayed by the diseased mucles suggests that they have an autoimmunological background. In the case of diet, anaemia, endocrine and neoplasma related myopathies, intensified cell necrosis and increased muscular protein breakdown is observed, which in consequence, leads to a significant distortion of the locomotive functioning of the animal. 3-hydroxy-3-methylbutyrate (HMB), a product in the metabolic pathway of leucine, effectively stops muscular protein breakdown and consequently, ameliorates the locomotive capacity of the dog or cat suffering from myopathy. Thus, a smaller amount of damaged muscle cells require reparation and the body regenerates faster its muscular mass. What is more, dogs undergoing a rigorous training have a higher alimentary demand, which a normal balanced diet might not cover. DogVital helps to meet those requirements, supplying the body with the essential compounds (naturally appearing), which quantities, in conditions of intensive effort, might happen to be insufficient. It does not only allow a quicker increase in muscular mass in training animals, but also shortens the regeneration period of the already damaged muscle cells and improves the general animal condition. Reconvalescence after surgery. As a result of fracture, each application of plaster bandage leads to progressive atrophy of muscles in the immobilized limb. DOG VITAL supplied during the time of immobilization, as well as the subsequent period, not only substantially prevents muscle atrophy, but also shortens the period of reconvalescence after surgery in dogs.
  • Bringing back efficiency in old dogs
    HMB is recommended for old dogs since it counteracts muscle atrophy accompanying aging. Delaying the process of aging. In older dogs, an increased breakdown of muscular proteins is observed, leading to muscle atrophy and degeneration of motoric capacity. DogVital provided systematically slows down the process of aging, keeping the right muscular mass for a longer time, as well as improving motoric dexterity. Moreover, this supplement triggers the immune system, making old dogs more resistant to diseases. Strengthening spinal column and joint muscles. Some breeds, i.e. Dashounds, suffer from discopathy, particularly in the lumbo-sacral interval. HMB, by strengthening mass and muscle power leads to the so called ‘muscular spinal column’, which counteracts discopathy in the mentioned interval. Similarly, a beneficial effect is observed when HMB is used in the case of hip dysplasia, especially in large breed dogs.
  • Increasing muscular mass in working dogs
    HMB prevents the breakdown of muscular proteins after intensive training, as well as allows a maximum increase of the dog’s body capacity. Racing dogs. Dog training leads to the development of musculature and an increased resistance. Nevertheless, during training or racing a certain amount of muscle cells is lesioned. Scientific studies showed that HMB prevents the damage of these cells and, consequently, keeps down the breakdown of muscular proteins during forced training, this leads to the improvement of the dog condition.

HMB- 3-hydroxy-3-methylbutyrate- a natural metabolite in the pathway of leucine in the body. HMB is the product of the metabolism of alimentary proteins in the tissues of dogs and cats. HMB is also found in small amounts in meat food, however, these quantities in the diet, as well as in the body are insufficient in conditions of intensive training or increased effort. The body also perceives the insufficiency of HMB during muscle diseases and during conditions of increased muscular catabolism in old animals.

Provide twice daily (in the morning and evening)

Depending on body mass:

  • Cats – one capsule;
  • Dogs up to 10kg – one capsule;
  • Dogs 10 – 20kg – two capsules;
  • Dogs 20 – 30kg – three capsules;
  • Dogs over 30kg – four capsules;

Most frequently asked questions:

  • If HMB appears naturally in animals, why do dogs need more of it?
    Muscle diseases, so called myopathies, similarly to intensive effort cause muscle microlesions, bringing about a situation where even the best balanced diet might result to be deficient. The amount of HMB is calculated so that it covers the sufficient amount, later on used up by muscle cells.
  • How does HMB work?
    HMB prevents the breakdown of muscular proteins and the damage of cells mainly observed in muscle diseases in dogs and cats. Having a smaller amount of damaged cells, the body can intensify the process of muscular protein deposition, keeping a high muscular mass and strength. In the case of sport dogs the results of the use of HMB depend strictly on the intensity of training that the dog undergoes.
  • Is HMB backed by scientific studies?
    Yes, studies were carried out in many universities by acknowledged specialists in the field of muscle pathology. More than 30 experiments in animals and 8 big studies on humans showed that the use of HMB is safe and very effective.
  • Does DogVital produce any side effects?
    In any of the studies carried out in animals and humans, a disadvantageous influence of HMB has not been observed, being this the main active compound. What is more, a thorough analysis of blood parameters parallely carried out confirmed the beneficial effect of HMB on the body.
  • Is DogVital a doping agent?
    The active compound of this supplement, HMB, appears naturally in the animal body. It is also present in many plants, i.e. grapefruits, lucerne. Hence, the use of DogVital is very safe, it does not create addiction and it has nothing to do with doping.
  • How fast can be DogVital effects observed?
    After 5-6 days of use, we can already expect a positive effect on the body. Its use for at least a period of 3 weeks is advisable.

Flasks – 36, 72 and 144 capsules.

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