Electrolyte balance powder

Address electrolyte loss resulting from excessive sweating. Magnesium plays a crucial role in enhancing overall body performance, supporting the proper function of muscles and the nervous system. With an appropriate sodium and potassium content, it aids in restoring electrolyte equilibrium. Dextrose, rich in calories and easily absorbed by the body, rejuvenates energy levels and reinforces the functions of the heart and muscles. It serves as an excellent fortifying nutrient during states of exhaustion and periods of intense physical activity. The ELECTROLYTE BALANCE POWDER offers essential support during rigorous exertion, such as training and competition, as well as in situations where increased sweating occurs, including high temperatures, weakness, transport, stress, or diarrhoea. Notably, the product incorporates apple flavour, making it particularly enticing and eagerly

One to three days after the onset of excessive sweating.

PARNUT (PARticular NUTritional purposes) are products designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of animals. They impart specific health properties to the diet. Developed according to the nutritional standards defined in Commission Regulation (EU) 2020/354 of 4 March 2020.

  • COLLAGEN supports maintaining skin elasticity and strengthens the structure of the hoof horn
  • L-METHIONINE has a positive effect on the regeneration of hooves, hair and skin
  • BIOTIN has a positive effect on the condition and appearance of fur and hooves
  • ZINC strengthens the skin’s immunity and accelerates the wound healing process
Horses (500 kg): 50 g per day
Ponies: 25 g per day
Feeding this product to mares during foaling and while foals are nursing is not recommended.
1 measure is approx 50 g of granulate.
The measure spoon is located inside the packaging.

dried apple pulp, pork collagen 20,0%. Additives: dietary: 3c305 L- methionine (200 g/kg), 3b609/ zinc chloride hydroxide monohydrate (zinc: 11.2 g/kg), 3b413/ copper glycine chelate (copper: 3.0 g/kg), 3a880/ biotin (495 mg/kg). Analytical constituents: crude protein 35.4%, crude fat 2.8%, crude fibre 14.2%, crude ash 3.3%, zinc 1.0%, L-methionine 20.0%, biotin 0.05%.

1,5 kg

Supplementary feed for horses. Product for animals only.
Store in a dry place at room temperature.