Dr Seidel snacks for beautiful coat

The only cat snacks on the market enriched with linseed oil and zinc in quantities corresponding to diet supplements! Linseed oil improves coat appearance and prevents skin diseases. Zinc enhances skin immunity and accelerates wound healing.

Snacks for a beautiful coat. The perfect way to vary your cat’s daily diet with healthy between-meal treats. Particularly recommended during moulting, for hair and skin problems and prior to breed shows.

1 snack contains:

  • linseed oil – 12 mg
  • zinc – 0,5 mg

Maize flour, wheat flour, yeast, animal fats, bran, dried meat, linseed oil. Additives: horsetail herb, zinc.

Product only for animals

We recommend

healthy skin, beautiful coat

prevents the formation of hairballs

MIX 2in1 for a fresh breath & malt for cats