Cat’s house

‘Cat’s House’, a toy designed by a behavioural medicine specialist, is an answer to the special needs of our feline friends: the need to move, have proper place to play, rest, and scratch. In their natural environment, cats live a double life: the life of a predator and a pray, so also at home they need something to hunt and a place to hide in.

‘Cat’s House̵’ fits cats’ natural needs for exploration excellently, providing a safe hide that enables the cat to see and not be seen at the same time. Cats choose hides that enable them to observe the surroundings and allow an easy escape. ‘Cat’s House’ is designed to fulfil both these criteria. ‘Cat’s House’ is made of sturdy cardboard. Windows make it possible to freely combine a number of boxes into a labyrinth, ensuring an excellent playground for our cats.

‘Cat’s House’ is a cardboard box for self-assembly. You may combine the boxes in any way to meet the cat’s fancies. To do so, you need to stick the Velcros included in the kit in marked spots on the sides. You may choose the spots yourself and combine the boxes in any manner – all you have to do is move Velcro attachments. Please bear in mind that any toy may eventually cease to be attractive to a cat if used for too long. In such a case you should disassemble the box and provide it to the cat again after two weeks, to enable your pet to enjoy the toy anew.
Dimensions after assembly:

48 cm / 24,5 cm / 24,5 cm