Breathe granulate

Provides support to the equine respiratory system, aiding in the cleansing and hydration of the respiratory tract

Carefully chosen natural ingredients, such as thyme, coltsfoot, Icelandic lichen, flowering plant, and eucalyptus, have been selected to comprehensively promote equine health. Thyme, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, plays a vital role in facilitating the expectoration process. Icelandic lichen serves as a natural cleanser and hydrator for the respiratory tract, while coltsfoot effectively thins mucus, significantly easing the expectoration process. Additionally, flowering plant aids in soothing irritation and supports the respiratory system’s repair processes. Eucalyptus offers a calming effect on the throat and enhances airway clearance. This formulation is designed for horses experiencing coughing and recurrent respiratory issues. Furthermore, the product contains apple flavour, making it especially enticing and eagerly consumed by horses.

Designed for horses experiencing coughing and recurrent respiratory issues.

  • THYME – has anti-inflammatory properties, facilitates expectoration.
  • ICELANDIC LICHEN – helps to clear and moisten the respiratory tract.
  • FLOWERING PLANT – has anti-inflammatory and cough suppressing properties, soothes hoarseness.
  • COLTSFOOT – dilutes mucus, which significantly facilitates the expectoration process.
  • EUCALYPTUS – has a soothing effect on the throat and supports the patency of the respiratory tract.

Horses (500 kg): 50 g per day.
Ponies: 25 g per day.
Feeding this product to mares during foaling and while foals are nursing is not recommended.

1 measure is approx 50 g of granulate. The measure spoon is located inside the packaging. Feeding instructions: Add to feed or feed directly by hand.

dried apple pulp, dried flowering plant, dried thyme 15%, dried coltsfoot, dried Islandic lichen 5%, dried eucalyptus leaves. Analytical constituents: crude protein 9,1%, crude fat 3,3%, crude fibre 18,3%, crude ash 6,8%.

1,5 kg

Supplementary feed for horses. Product for animals only.
Store in a dry place at room temperature.