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For your convenience we have launched the DermaPharm Laboratory Ltd. website in new version You will find there more information about our business, offered products and values that guide us as a company.

  • The Home page presents the classification of areas our activity – offered products for pets, people and gardening. You will find also there collection of publications, news and information about the Dr Seidel Foundation
  • The About Us tab – you will find Mission and Vision of our company and a little bit of our business history. Thanks to the Gallery of pictures you will be able to “meet” our employees, their pets  and see how our production looks from the inside.
  • The Products tab – contain information about all our brands and products. Thanks to filtration it’s possible to find very quickly the right product by choosing animal species, product category, product type or brand name 
  • The Publications – present articles about our company, interviews and industry information.

We cordially invite to use our new website!

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